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4/4 ToeS Down

Restlessdead, Apr 16, 13 10:03 AM.
About a week ago, we took out the next 3 bosses in ToeS! One after another they fell,
Lei Shi
Sha of Fear

All taken out systematically in one night.

Nice work everyone! Now, back into Throne of Thunder to take on Lei Shen's greatest and tackle them accordingly.

Thank you all,

Protectors of the Endless - Elite!

Restlessdead, Apr 4, 13 3:36 PM.
YES! Protectors of the Endless down in one-shot last night! I couldn't be more proud.
10/10 Guildmates entered and we stood tall and victorious at the end of the first round.

Regail defeated! ... Asani destroyed! ... Kaolan ... DECIMATED!

We took them down in straight order and grabbed up some much-anticipated 503 loot. :)
Gratz to everyone involved!

I couldn't be more proud of the guild or happy to play with all of you! Perfect execution and on-the-fly thinking and adapting! Marvelous

Thank you to all the Guild!

6/6 in Heart of Fear

Restlessdead, Apr 4, 13 3:29 PM.
An awesome series of events recently!
Amber-Shaper down! Almost a week ago. A special thank you to Ambrosias (Rebirth) for the help on that one.

Grand Empress dropped after a few attempts (fyi: we cannot zerg yet ... but we tried!).  Notable thank you to Khalian/Puscifier (Rebirth, again!) for the help locking down the strategy.

So ... Heart of Fear completed!

Thanks also to the guildmates that helped, as well!
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